Welcome to pyoss-boilerplate’s documentation!

pyoss-boilerplate is a tool to quickly generate boilerplate for your open source python project.


pyossboilerplate {flags} {projectName}

The available flags are:

  • --no_docs: Omit docs directory
  • --no_src: Omit src directory
  • --no_gitignore: Omit gitignore
  • --no_ci: Omit .travis.yml
  • --no_pypirc: Omit .pypirc
  • --no_license: Omit license
  • --no_manifest: Omit MANIFEST.in
  • --no_readme: Omit README.rst
  • --no_setup: Omit setup.py
  • --no_contributing: Omit CONTRIBUTING
  • --no_changelog: Omit CHANGELOG.rst
  • --no_authos: Omit AUTHORS
  • --no_vagrantfile: Omit Vagrantfile
  • --no_requirements: Omit requirements.txt
  • --no_berksfile: Omit Berksfile
  • --no_coveragerc: Omit .coveragerc